April 18, 2024
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NHL Betting – Key Statistics That Can Impact Your Wagering Decisions

Professional NHL bettors use advanced metrics for betting analysis, providing useful metrics to evaluate team and player abilities.

Corsica’s “xG” statistic may also prove helpful.

Point spread

Betting on NHL games comes in many forms, one being betting the puck line. Hockey’s equivalent of a point spread, it offers a solid chance at success when betting against underdog teams.

Negative puck lines indicate favoritism while positive ones indicate underdog status. To win on an underdog bet, two goals or more must be scored against them to secure success – although betting on them can be profitable! Knowing your odds prior to placing any bet is vitally important.

An anytime goal scorer bet can provide another exciting way of betting, giving your team the chance to score at any time during a match and giving you the chance to win big if they do! Keep an eye out for line movement leading up to games as this gives insight into which way the betting public leans; reverse line movements indicate sharp money that could indicate underdog teams.


Moneyline bets offer an easy and straightforward way to wager on individual teams or players without being constrained by total score considerations. Moneyline odds use American odds format, showing positive numbers for betting favorites and negative ones for underdogs; their values depend on each team’s implied probability of victory; they can vary significantly from game to game NHL computer picks.

Moneyline bets require understanding of the mathematics involved so you can assess if they provide sufficient value. A positive number shows how much profit would result from wagering $100 on an underdog team, while negative numbers represent how much is required in risk in order to win $100 back. It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of moneyline bets to make an informed decision if these offer good returns.

Some sportsbooks also provide 3-way no push moneylines, enabling bettors to place wagers on either team to win in lower scoring sports like baseball and hockey. These bets tend to be popular.

Over/Under bets

NHL over/under bets are a popular wager type when betting on hockey games, usually based on the total goals scored during each matchup and can differ significantly between games. Sometimes these bets will be cancelled out if the match goes to overtime or extra period; but only under certain conditions will this occur.

Puck Line betting, similar to money lines, involves placing bets on teams with higher payout opportunities than usual – providing bettors an alternative without needing to place a -200 price on favorites.

NHL Over/Under bets can also be placed using totals set by sportsbooks, with wagers typically being placed based on the combined goal total between both teams in a game. A sportsbook will typically list its OVER/UNDER odds with (+) sign for underdog and (-) sign for favorite, as well as how much profit can be realized on $100 bet using American odds.


Hockey totals offer an easy and cost-effective way of betting on hockey games, allowing you to make some serious cash! Sportsbooks will set a total line for each match and you can bet whether either team will score more goals than anticipated by bookmakers – these lines may shift depending on how much money is staked on any given team during an individual game.

At the core of any hockey total lies its team’s ability to generate scoring chances. This statistic can be affected by many different variables, such as zone starts and power play efficiency; injuries (especially concussions) also have an effect on this metric.

Before betting on NHL totals, it’s advisable to first review the injury report as many key players tend to be absent from each lineup. You could also look into advanced metrics like Corsi or Expected Goals (xG); though xG differs in that it only counts scored goals without including blocked shots as an adjustment factor.

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